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Eye Turners is an unisex Hair & Beauty Family Salon located in Golpark, Kolkata. It is the best salon in Gariahat.
Our team of professionals are trained experts who aim to create an everlasting impact with their creativity and innovation.
Eye Turners provides the best beauty, hair and skin care products that not only decks you up, but also takes care of your hair and skin
simultaneously. We provide you with notable services that define the ultimate facets of hair and beauty.


Eye Turners aims at bringing in the best and the most innovative styles to give you your new look. Keeping the customer choices in mind, our services are based on quality products that are pocket-friendly as well. Starting from hair styling, to hair color, to facial, to every other service, our team of experts brings out the best in you. We accept orders for all sorts of occasions so book your appointments soon and enjoy our services!


We ensure classic services to satisfy all your beauty needs. Our target is to provide our customers with the best offers without compromising on the quality of products. Eye Turners offers the most trustworthy quality hair and skin benefits that would not only deck you up for your event, but take care of your hair and skin simultaneously. Eye Turners provides its customers with private rooms and free consultation services. Visit the salon to enjoy all the privileges for your beauty requirements.

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